As young people, we aspire to build upon and showcase our country’s “Herbal Gold”, as much as possible. Commonly known as mountain tea, it has been valued by many a generation in the past, as part of a daily ritual.

It is our strong belief that the Mediterranean Basin and the Aegean Sea region, in particular, is home to many herbs that are among the most studied in the world. This is mainly due to how long history has been written here in this region, since antiquity. As such, it is an opportunity for us, if not a duty to reclaim these timeless herbs.

The beneficial properties of mountain tea are such that no home or workplace should be left without.

Sustainability and proper utilization of natural resources are values we are committed to, and it is our firm belief that the uncensored collection of these herbs in the mountains will soon destroy this wealth that has been passed down to us.

We believe in fair trade. In actuality, the protagonists of our herbs are the farmers who toil in the fields and it is they that are the most adventurous of entrepreneurs.

We love Greek nature and Greek culture. Most important, we trust in our country’s capabilities, its people and its products.

nature + harmony + joy + health + sun + love + faith + hope + serenity + tradition + creation + history + evolution + wisdom + light

The goal of the Aegean Blossoms is to bring the mountain tea, our Botanical Gold closer to the modern user. To achieve this, we had to get it into pouches to enable the consumer to put it directly into the water without doing any preparation.

Our tea is coming from the foothills of Mount Olympus, from controlled acceding organic cultivations, dried naturally under shade in special facilities. Our tea and the other herbs, is placed in the pouches in a way that is not pulverized but cut into the right size in order the herb to give all its aroma and flavor, so practically it is loose leaf tea.

Our original pouches, are made from fibers of the plant Musa textilis (commonly called manila hemp or abaca) a plant related to the common banana tree, and from primary tree pulp. It has undergone minimal processing and is chlorine free as it is not bleached.

These herbal combinations are intended to accompany our Botanical Gold, giving a nice flavor and visual effect without adding additional essential oils and flavor enhancers. Moreover, the proportions of herbs emerged after a series of tasting until we get the ideal result.

To carry the offer of Greek terra to man, Sideritis scardica mountain tea, to the position it belongs. To its everyday use by the modern man.

«Make the journey to the moment and the place, with Aegean Blossoms»

Τhe Aegean Blossoms, were created to build upon and showcase the Botanical Gold of Greek land, the Sideritis scardica (Olympus tea), and in general the Greek flora and products.

It is this land that fed millions of people over the centuries, that from the womb born leading civilizations, that gave the meaning of measure to man, and ideas that even today leads him, combined with the bright sun and the sea that surrounds it.

The Aegean Blossoms logo was developed to include these three elements, the flowers produced by the earth, the sun rays and the Aegean Sea waves.