Meet the lighthouse at the Southern part of Europe’s mainland.
Meet Tainaros cape!
This is the Southern part of Peloponnese peninsula. If you reach Sparta, and go some more kilometers to the South, you enter the gates of one of the most mystical lands of our homeland, Greece. This place is called “Mani” and its well know through the centuries for its rough, rocky, dry, deserted scenery and for the proud, free spirits and rebellious people.
There homes are made of rock, and there are made like castles in order to be ready to fight any intruder. The source of their life where the sea, their animals and the olive oil from their small and weak olive trees rooted on the rock.
This is the place where the ancient Greeks believed that the entrance of Ades the King of the Otherworld, was. That is why the build an Oracle dedicated to the Poseidon the God of the sea.
You have to visit Mani. You surely feel that it is an entrance, not necessary to the Otherworld, but to another epoch, to a place with an intense energy.